Grave Maintenance

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This service ensures that your loved ones grave always looks cared for, is always clean and tidy and is free from damage and litter when circumstances prevent you from being there.
We can offer a variety of customised packages to suit your individual needs. Packages can range from a single clean up visit to more regular maintenance visits.

Our services:

  • Additional Inscription
  • Plant flowers and tidy up for special occasion’s during the year (i.e. Christmas | Easter | Birthday | Anniversary)
  • General maintenance of the surrounding area (incl weeding / mowing)
  • General / regular flower placements
  • Cleaning of headstones/surrounds (removal of dirt, moss, mildew, bird droppings, graffiti)
  • Re-soiling & Re-seeding of Grass
  • Cleaning of decorative chippings, stones kerbs
  • Washing of all memorial pots/flower holders
  • Additional lettering
  • Re-concreting
  • Replace damaged headstone or kerbing
  • Headstone and Surrounds replacements
  • Cut/trim grass around grave area
  • Any other jobs you require

This service also gives us the chance to assess the grave for any other work that may need to be carried out. Any potential issues will be brought to your immediate attention
Should you require a quotation, or further information on how our grave maintenance is carried out, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Enquiry Form:
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Our Promise:
We promise to work to the highest standards with every grave maintenance procedure we undertake, from the initial enquiry to the work carried out at the grave. We are committed to working with our customers to assist them in any way we can and believe that with our insistence on the highest standard in terms of product and customer services we provide excellent value for money.